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There is no-one else on the speaking circuit like Dion Jensen for 3 reasons:

1. He inspires by talking about what other speakers are too afraid to speak about;
2. He motivates because he has lived his content and overcome it;
3. He transforms lives because he comes armed with solutions. Your audience leaves empowered to take action!

Founder of Success For Soldiers, Author of the worlds first good news book about PTSD, Creator of Protecting Women and The VICTORY Program, Dion Jensen is a global trailblazer.

Taking his Military, Police and Close Protection skills and experience across into Corporate Leadership, Management and Training roles, Dion walks in both worlds.

An exclusive speaker for New Zealand Celebrity Speakers, member of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore, core member of the international speaking team at eMagine Academy, as well as being an International Ambassador for Australian Charity 'Pencils', Dion has global experience and appeal.

It's 2018. If you do not address the psychosocial issues that Dion has both the military and civilian  solutions for, your business will fail, your staff will leave frustrated and unfulfilled, and in the worst possible scenario, your staff may even take their own life.​​​​​ 

*In Australia alone, businesses who prioritze productivity over employee well-being lose on average USD $4.5 billion dollars a year, and they have lost more troops to suicide than they've lost in battle...

Whether you want to get the competitive edge in your marketplace, or you want to inspire, motivate and transform your people (and possibly save a life), then Dion Jensen is the speaker for you.


Do you have people in your organization?

Watch this video to understand that if you have people in your organization, I have a way to provide inspiration, motivation and transformation. Whether that is in financial currency, or in the hearts and minds of your people.
My Signature Keynote:
Freedom from FEAR!

No matter your industry, organization, team or role, FEAR is a constant companion.
This keynote was recorded live on a day where fear was manifesting for those in attendance. 

Business and Creativity

Here is the full keynote where I was invited to blend the business and creative communities with my experience in both.
Filmed live.
Success For Soldiers

The inspirational true story of founding a global movement after the death of a close friend who was killed in Iraq.

Get out of 'The Dead Zone' and be awesome again!
The Worlds First Good News Book about PTSD

The groundbreaking true story of challenging the status quo, slaying stigma and saving lives...with a book.
Effective Leadership

With extensive global expertise in Leadership, Dion created his own blended system of military and corporate models that he calls 'Adaptive Leadership'
Effective Management

As a Regional Operations Manager, Intelligence Manager and Training Manager across countries and industries, Dion teaches from experience.
Effective Training 

Training is a real skill...because you have to be a Leader and a Manager at the same time...while altering the perspective of the audience, with their permission.
Effective Communication

An expert in Communication, Dion invented 'The Conversation Card Game' that teaches all aspects of communication from active listening, paraphrasing, conflict de-escalation to gathering information to sales and marketing.
Protecting Women

Dion takes his Military, Police and Close Protection background and attacks violence against women...by training them to outsmart, not out-muscle an attacker...because women are smart!

"I cannot recommend Dion enough as a guest speaker, he will command the attention of the room with what I personally thought was one of the best speakers I have had the privilege of listening to, and with my role, I attend many functions with celebrity speakers.
From the first word to the last he had the attention of the whole room with people hanging off his every word. The content was raw and Dion didn’t censor his language or his content and that was fantastic.

If you are reading this and deciding whether or not to give Dion a shot I would say for you to 'go for it!'

I promise you he will not disappoint!"

"Those who attended benefited from an excellent talk by quite an extraordinary man.

Dion spoke of his experiences both in the New Zealand Police, as a combatant and bodyguard in various active war zones around the world and the subsequent pathway his life has taken as a result of those experiences

I found Dion one of the most inspirational speakers I have had the privilege of listening to for many years and we will certainly be inviting him to speak to members again in the future.

Consequently, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to other groups or organizations as an inspiring speaker who will enlighten, motivate and entertain his listeners."

"I heard Dion speak to a mixed audience at the Beehive two months ago.

He held the whole room in the palm of his hand and had them laughing one minute, crying the next.

Dion is a natural speaker who knows his subject well because he has lived it; what he has to say is very powerful.

Dion is the best in his field, speaking from his life experiences with passion, integrity and a desire to make the world a better place."

"I was both enthralled and shocked by Dion’s address at his Parliamentary book launch recently.

The amount of detail and the courage with which Dion spoke impacted me greatly.

I just hope that families in New Zealand, Australia and further afield can be protected; that we can show the soldiers among us the same commitment they have shown us.

Dion’s address was important, honest and illuminating.

Dion's international booking agent is award winning and world renowned publisher, Ocean Reeve. To book Dion to speak to or run a workshop for your people in Australia, email Ocean at ocean@oceanreeve.com
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